Luxury in Mexico


Hi, I’m Cass Mosley, and for your next adventure, a little culture, or just a  vacation from a vacation, I have the resort for you in Nuevo Vallarta. Transportation from the airport, via train, is provided exclusively for “Mayan Resorts”.  I have been coming to the Vallarta’s for over 4 years, and I always find exciting new things to experience. I enjoy coming back to the new, old, Mexico where the community thrives on excellence. I have been investing with the “Mayan Resorts” for 2 years now, and I couldn’t be happier. I have the opportunity to travel all over the world, and you can too. This family and friends destination provides the security and luxury needed for an unforgettable escape. With the second largest pool in the world, relaxing in Nuevo Vallarta will  exceed all expectations.  Along  the pool, is a lazy river that stretches between 4 hotels, and estimates 1,400 yards in length(/mexico/.)We have a children’s playground for kids of all ages that includes; slides, a wading pool, and fun activities for the entire family to enjoy. Every room in this all age, exclusive resort, has an awe inspiring view of the ocean. The “Mayan Resort” offers more than a place to rest, it offers a place to broaden your vacation expectations.

Both signature golf courses, Jack-Nicklaus and Greg Norman in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico  at the “Mayan Resorts”, have reached Golf Vacation Magazine’s top 30 list for Vacation Golf.  The list of outdoor activities is as long as your imagination allows. After a round on the golf course, treat yourself to the sauna and spa. All of your vacation experience needs can be met on this one property, starting from a day at the beach or pool, to elegant fine dining with everything in between.  There is no need to leave.  If you care to journey off the resort, friendly staff are always around to meet every expectation.

Finally, if  its off to Mexico, Europe, or any where around the world, I can help bring you there.  Let me arrange your next business or pleasure vacation. Experience luxury with Arrange Vacations.

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Cass Mosley

Disney Member 2007

Grand Mayan Member 2010